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Andrew Freeman is an American rock vocalist and guitarist who has played for a number of bands, most notably punk rock group The Offspring and hard rock guitarist George Lynch's Lynch Mob. Freeman is currently the frontman for the hard rock band Last in Line, which features the reunited original members of the band Dio.

Freeman joined punk band The Offspring as a touring guitarist and backup vocalist on their 2008 tour for the album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace. In 2010, Freeman joined Hurricane as the lead vocalist, performing a few shows with the band before leaving in 2013.

In 2012, Freeman joined the original members of Dio as lead vocalist to form the band Last in Line, a supergroup featuring Vivian Campbell (Def LeppardWhitesnake), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath) and Jimmy Bain (Rainbow). Last In Line released their first album, Heavy Crown in 2016 and reached #1 on Billboard’s "Heat Seeker" chart.

Freeman has performed on three tours as the lead vocalist with Dokken and Lynch Mob guitarist George Lynch, including a feature on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and a headline show at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

In 2018, Freeman started performing as the vocalist for Lies, Deceit & Treachery with Jimmy D'AndaMick Sweda, and Lonnie Vencent, all of whom are formerly of Bullet Boys. He also formed a band called "Devil's Hand" with guitarist Mike Slamer, and in December of the same year, they released a self-titled album.

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